The Similarities and differences between Messi and Mbappé’s playing styles

The Paris Saint Germain teammates, Messi and Mbappé are probably two of the hottest duos in club football at present. Both players are known for their exceptional skills, game-changing abilities, and unmatched agility on the pitch. However, their playing styles differ significantly, making them unique.

Messi, one of the greats of the game, is characterised by his dribbling skills, cruise control of the football, and ability to read the game. Messi is known for his low centre of gravity, which allows him to make quick and sharp turns while dribbling.

His short height, agility, and speed makes him the defenders worst nightmare, even in tight spaces, he possesses the quality to glide past defenders. Messi’s vision and passing ability also makes him a prolific playmaker, and he can dictate the tempo of the game with his passing range and ability to produce chances for his teammates.

The two-time world cup finalist, Mbappé, is a rising star who has already established himself in the football community. His speed, quick dashes, and goal-scoring prowess define his style of play. Mbappé’s speed is his greatest asset, and he often uses it to make runs behind the opposition’s defence. He is also an excellent finisher, and his accuracy in front of the goal is remarkable. Mbappé’s physical attributes, coupled with his exceptional technique, make him a potent threat on the counter-attack, and his ability to take on defenders is also impressive.

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One may ask then, are there any similarities between these two exceptionally different footballers? Certainly, there are quite a few! One of the similarities between Messi and Mbappé is their ability to change the game single-handedly. Both players can turn the game around with their brilliance, and they often do so. Their game-changing skills have helped their respective teams win matches and have both been instrumental in their team’s success.

The versatility of the two players is another resemblance. On the field, Messi and Mbappé are capable of playing in many places and have done so on several occasions. Messi has played as a winger, central attacking midfielder, and even as a false nine, while Mbappé has played as a striker, winger, and attacking midfielder. Their versatility gives their coaches more options regarding tactics and formations.


However, despite these similarities, there are significant differences in their playing styles. One of the most notable differences is their approach to dribbling. Messi is more of a dribbler who relies on his close control and agility to beat defenders, while Mbappé depends more on his speed and explosive runs to get past defenders. Messi’s dribbling style is more subtle and intricate, while Mbappé is more direct and forceful.

Another difference is their style of finishing. Messi’s finishing is more about finesse and precision, while Mbappé is more about power and speed. Messi’s finishing is more calculated and often involves accurately placing the ball into the net. In contrast, Mbappé’s finishing is more about hitting the ball with power, making it difficult for goalkeepers to save.

A Lethal Duo

Despite these differences, Messi and Mbappé playing styles complement each other. Messi’s ability to create chances for his teammates and his vision to read the game complement Mbappé’s explosive runs and finishing abilities. Mbappé’s pace and ability to make runs behind the opposition’s defence create space for Messi to operate midfield and play the killer pass.

Their partnership is evident in the games they play together. At Paris Saint-Germain, the duo has formed a lethal partnership, with Mbappé benefiting from Messi’s playmaking abilities and Messi benefiting from Mbappé’s ability to stretch the defence with his pace.


Both Messi and Mbappé complement each other on the field perfectly. One is an emerging superstar in the football world while the other has achieved everything football has to offer. This deadly combination is enough to strike fear into opponents. Their individual qualities and collective effort on the field is a great contrast. While their playing styles differ significantly, it also complements each other in a great manner.

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