Thierry Henry Defends Messi’s Stint at PSG and the Inter Miami Revolution

Just a couple of years ago, Paris Saint-Germain made headlines by acquiring Lionel Messi in a bid to strengthen their squad for bigger success. This was the most logical step by both sides – PSG were seeking their 1st Champions League glory, and Messi was looking for a team with better players to win more trophies in Europe. Sadly, this win-win situation turned out to be a losing one. Despite his unparalleled skills and 32 goals in all competitions, PSG only reached the last 16 in the Champions League getting knocked out by Real Madrid in 21/22 season, and Bayern Munich in 22/23 season. Messi couldn’t lead PSG to European glory, leaving some critics to label his time in Paris as a failure.

However, Thierry Henry, the former Arsenal and Messi’s former Barcelona teammate, hit back at those critics with his interview with L/M Football. According to Henry, Messi was not the issue at all. The structure around him was not conducive to letting him thrive the way he has done with Argentina. “If you make a great structure around him, he will shine,” Henry noted.

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On the other hand, things at PSG are not doing so well. UEFA has initiated an investigation of the transfers between PSG players and Qatar Stars League clubs. Hopefully, they will get the bottom of this and justice will prevail. Additionally, the start of the season is below average for the club. In 5 matches, they have only 2 wins, 2 draws, and one loss. They are currently sitting at position 5 in the Ligue 1 trailing 3 points behind the 1st of the league AS Monaco.

Messi’s recent stint with Inter Miami serves as an excellent example of how a change in context can lead to renewed success. When Messi moved to the MLS, many were sceptical. The league is often considered less competitive than Europe’s top-tier championships. However, Messi quickly put those doubts to rest. He adapted to his new environment seamlessly, taking advantage of the different style of play, and perhaps a less intense spotlight, to churn out remarkable performances. Within a short period, he helped the team capture its first-ever trophy, the Leagues Cup, and has already scored 11 goals along with four assists in just 11 official matches. Currently, Inter Miami is on the hunt for postseason qualification and sits just six points behind the playoff spots. 

The narrative surrounding Lionel Messi’s career shift from PSG to Inter Miami underscores the critical role context plays in an athlete’s performance. While Messi’s PSG chapter might not have delivered the Champions League glory many anticipated, it’s unfair to label it a failure solely based on this metric. As Thierry Henry rightly pointed out, the ‘structure’ around Messi was not ideal for showcasing his brilliance in Paris. 

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