Thierry Henry on Lionel Messi’s suspension by PSG: “You can’t skip a training session.”

Speaking as a pundit for Amazon Prime Video Sport, Thierry Henry has given his two cents on the controversial two-week suspension inflicted by PSG on Lionel Messi (35). The Argentine skipped last Monday’s training session and undertook an unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia as part of his contractual obligations as the country’s ambassador for tourism. This Monday though, Messi was training individually at the Camp des Loges, PSG’s training ground, amid reports his two-week suspension had been lifted following the 7-time Ballon d’Or winner’s apology to the club.

Henry, who was a teammate of Messi’s during three seasons at Barcelona, has criticised both PSG and the Argentine. The former Arsenal striker seems to be growing tired of the many off-pitch controversies surronding Les Parisiens, but he also said the 2022 World Cup winner was at fault. “I’m trying to find my words because, at some point, it reminds me of those Dallas episodes, when JR tries to catch Cliff Barnes! It’s always the same problems at PSG”, laments Henry.

The 2009 Champions League winner with Barcelona has wondered if PSG’s harshness towards Messi were due to the fact he was set to leave the club at the end of the season. “Did the destination of his trip affect their pride a bit?”, also asked Henry, speaking about the Qatari ownership of PSG. However, the French footballing great considers that Messi has only himself to blame. “Was he right ? No”, Henry added. “You can’t skip a training session. No one can.

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