WATCH | Paris FC’s Pierre-Yves Hamel scores sublime shot from his own half

Paris FC forward Pierre-Yves Hamel (29) scored a sublime goal from his own half as his side beat Rodez AF in Ligue 2 on Tuesday night. 

Rodez goalkeeper Lionel Mpasi was helpless as Hamel’s shot, taken from 54.7 metres out, flew over his head and into the back of the net. It is the third-furthest goal scored in Ligue 2 in the past decade. Only Bendjaloud Youssouf (54.9m) and Junior Olaitan (56.9m) have scored goals from further out since the start of the 2014/15 season. 

An audience for Hamel’s audacity

There were plenty of fans in attendance at the Charléty stadium to witness the stunning goal. Paris FC made headlines after announcing at the start of November that they would be allowing free entry for all of their games this season. The stadium, which is often only a fraction full, has drawn big crowds since the start of the initiative

“This is a major first for a professional football club in Europe and indeed the world. Although a free-seat model was recently launched in Germany, it only concerns a limited number of seats in the stadium, and is not deployed for all matches, including those of the women’s team,” the Parisian club said in a press release announcing the new measure.

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