Why So Many Coaches Struggle At PSG

Ever since the legendary PSG was purchased by the current owners, the team has been under pressure to win the biggest European titles. Most importantly, the Champions League. But, the success has eluded them for years. Not even the most passionate bettors who use the bet365 poker bonus code could have predicted this outcome. This, of course, prompted many changes in the club since the acquisition.

It is safe to say that many players struggled in the PSG shirt, but the truth is that coaches were much worse off. This exactly will be the topic of this article.

If you love PSG and you cannot understand why the coaches are not fitting in the club, here are a couple of possible explanations.

That Nasty Pressure

We talked about the pressure players are feeling when playing for PSG. The same pressure is on the coaches. Some people would argue that coaches are under more pressure than players. After all, they are the ones who are in charge of one of the most expensive football teams in the history of the game.

The question they need to answer after every failure is – how can you not win the Champions League with this super team?

Working under that much pressure is never an easy thing to do. This, of course, can disrupt the natural flow in the work of a manager and make them question their skills.

The Communication With The Players

Sure, establishing authority in the locker room is never a simple job for a new manager. But, it seems that this job is much more complicated for a PSG manager.

Why is this the case? Well, simply because PSG players are among the best and most expensive ones in the world. That means that every one of them has an attitude of a star and that usually means trouble in the locker room.

People who are experienced when it comes to watching football, remember that a similar thing happened with the Galacticos of Real Madrid back in the day. It is pretty tough for the managers to boss the most famous players in the world of football.

Luis Enrique is experiencing the same issues now at PSG. Every single one of his predecessors failed when it came to winning the Champions League. Will he manage to win the holy grail of football with the French club?

This is the most important question in European football. City did it last year, is it finally time for Mbappe and PSG?

What Enrique Has To Do?

It would seem that the most important thing Enrique has to do is humble the most expensive players on the team. Mbappe’s contract is well-known, but that does not mean that he has the freedom to create line-ups and coach the team.

Mbappe is one of the best forwards in the world, if not the best one. If Enrique finds a way to communicate with him and the rest of the elite players in a proper way, he just may find a way to take them to long-anticipated European glory.

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