Antoine Kombouaré blasts ‘scandalous’ decision as Nantes lose 3-1 to Lyon

Antoine Kombouaré has railed against the referee’s decision not to send Alexandre Lacazette (32) off during FC Nantes’ 3-1 defeat to Olympique Lyonnais

In a game played in front of empty stands, one voice could carry its displeasure with absolute clarity as the Nantes manager was audibly outraged after Lacazette received only a yellow card for a foul on Nathan Zézé (18) that left the defender’s face covered in blood. 

The two players went for the same high ball and Lacazette’s elbow collided with the defender’s face, VAR checked the incident and deemed it as an accidental foul brought about by the natural movement of the forward’s jumping motion. Enough for a caution but not enough to send him off. 

This infuriated Kombouaré who believed that the referee should have gone to the screen and checked the replay himself. The game at the time was in the balance and to Kombouaré’s frustration, the forward remained on the pitch where he could play a pivotal role in helping the visitors to record a comeback victory that leaves Nantes two points above the bottom three. 

‘Even in 10 years, I will continue to say that’s a red card’

I’m very angry with the referee,” the manager began, “Let [the referee] go to the screen and make the decision they want… I go into the locker room and when I see the replay, I’m scandalised, I’m upset.” Kombouaré continued, “Even if Lacazette’s movement is involuntary as the referee says, it’s a red card every day, it’s a foul. Even in 10 years, I will continue to say that it’s a red card.” 

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