‘BlueCo Out!’ – Strasbourg fans protest against club’s owners

Ultra Boys 90, a prominent RC Strasbourg Alsace fan group, have called for BlueCo to sell the Ligue 1 club. 

Strasbourg’s fans are stepping up their protests against the consortium, who also own Premier League side Chelsea. A different group, the Fédération Supporters RCS stated the following back in October:

Money without competence doesn’t lead to anything good, and the example of Chelsea, our so-called ‘big brother’, who have spent a lot of money but have had a vertical fall down the English hierarchy, is an important reference point: We don’t want to incompetence that reigns at Chelsea at RCSA. Neither directly, nor indirectly.” 

Ultra Boys 90 also stated back in November that, “BlueCo aren’t welcome and never will be.”  That statement came amidst a downturn in form, but their resentment for the owners, who arrived at the Meinau in the summer of 2023, transcends performances. 

Anger grows following January transfer dealings

Anger has grown further since the end of January. “All of our fears about the BlueCo project, confirmed in this transfer window,” read a banner unfurled in February. It came after “club legend” and the most experienced player in the starting XI, Matz Sels, was sold to Nottingham Forest on transfer deadline day.

Andrey Santos arrived on loan from Chelsea in what was the only notable arrival at RCSA; these dealings confirmed fans’ worst fears – that Les Alsaciens have become a surrogate for future Chelsea players and that recruitment is not tailored towards their specific needs and objectives. 

Just hours before an announcement that BlueCo had made a £653m loss between March 2022 and June 2023, Ultra Boys 90 released a statement, calling on the American consortium to sell up. The statement reads as follows:

They want to meet you” – that’s how Marc Keller told us about the new owners’ desire to meet us upon the announcement of the club’s purchase last June. Months have passed and despite our continued attempts, none of the BlueCo shareholders have presented themselves to us. Out of respect for Marc Keller, the work he has done for the club these past 12 years and especially due to the confidence he showed the new owners, we waited.

Our patience was tested at the end of the month of January, when, for the final time, we asked for a meeting with the shareholders, at the end of February at the latest. We are now in March, and we are yet to meet anyone. It is therefore now time for us to give a first report on this new chapter in RCSA’s history. 

Le Racing is now little more than a financial asset, under the bosom of an investment fund that already owns another club. We have said it before and we will say it again: Multi-club ownership kills football and we will fight it! Two transfer windows have also passed and, powerless, we have noted that we have been robbed of all of our most experienced players – that, to the profit of up-and-coming young players. 


It is now clear that BlueCo are imposing a U21 recruitment strategy. We aren’t stupid! No club can be competitive in these conditions. Without balanced recruitment, the tens of millions invested in these young players will mean nothing for our RCSA but will only matter to the new owners’ interests. That is why we are asking: What is BlueCo’s real plan for our club? 

Strengthened by his experiences and his successes at this club, how can Keller support such a senseless sporting policy without saying anything? If the end of the season looks to be difficult in a sporting context, we nonetheless want to express our full support to the team in their fight for survival, on the sole condition that the players honour the shirt. 

In addition, given the financial means of the club, it is completely incomprehensible to take so many risks by entrusting the responsibility of the club’s future in such a young and experienced squad. That is why we will hold the new owners, Behdad Eghbali in particular, but also Keller, responsible for any eventual sporting fiasco.

In these conditions and in view of this assessment, we expect an immediate change in the sporting policy in order to ensure the durability of the club in the elite. We wish for the club to be sold to a new owner, capable of fully taking into consideration what RC Strasbourg Alsace represents, capable of managing it independently and sovereignly and also capable of respecting its history, its values and its supporters. 

BlueCo out! To all of those who love RCSA, we will see you on 31st March, when we face Rennes, at 15:00 to march together towards the stadium and protest our rejection of BlueCo.

GFFN | Luke Entwistle

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