France ‘considerably reinforces’ security ahead of PSG-Barcelona after terrorist threat

Security will be “considerably reinforced” when Paris Saint-Germain host Barcelona at the Parc des Princes during their Champions League meeting on Wednesday after a “threat” from the Islamic State terrorist group. 

The Interior Minister for France, Gérald Darmanin, announced today that the government will take further precautions ahead of the quarter-final between the two clubs in European football’s showpiece competition. 

The minister stated, “The police chief, with whom I spoke very early this morning, has considerably strengthened security resources [following a] clear threat publicly mentioned by the Islamic State.” 

France to respond to threat

This comes after a general threat to the Champions League quarter-finals was released by sympathisers for the Islamic State. A picture of an armed man with the names of the four stadiums that will host the competition this week was publicised this week. The threat was captioned with the words “Kill them all.” 

It’s not believed that the threat specifically relates to France, but the police will take no chances when it comes to the matter of safety and security. 

The minister in an interview with Le Parisien this week had mentioned the nation is constantly monitoring big events, even though they often prove to be the safest places to be because of the high level of security. 

GFFN | Nick Hartland

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