‘He saw that I knew him by heart’ – Jean-Louis Gasset on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s hot streak

Jean-Louis Gasset’s start to life at Olympique de Marseille has been nearly flawless after achieving three victories for the club after they had struggled to record more than a single victory in 2024. 

The veteran manager will look to make it four wins in a tempestuous Stade Vélodrome tomorrow evening as Marseille’s first manager of the season, Marcelino, makes his hotly-awaited comeback

Gasset will likely look to rely once more on the efforts of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (34) as they attempt to navigate the Europa League tie against Villarreal, with the Gabon international on a hot run of form under his new manager after scoring four across the last three matches. 

‘He likes to play in certain positions and that’s where we put him’ – Jean-Louis Gasset

His relationship with the manager looks as if it might be the key to steadying the tumultuous season that Marseille have suffered so far, and was something that Gasset was careful to develop as soon as they met. 

The manager had prepared extensively before taking the role and as he explained in a press conference, “In the blink of an eye, in one work session he saw that I knew him by heart. Because I called the people he had worked with to tell me that he doesn’t like to play there or there.”

He’s a great player, a very good person, and a goalscorer. He likes, like all greater strikers, he likes playing situations. He likes to place himself in certain positions and that’s where we put him.” Gasset continued, “It seems to me that we had to place him where he likes to be and where he likes to move to arrive at the centre.” 

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