Jean-Michel Aulas set to miss Lyon’s Women’s Champions League final to attend men’s Coupe de France

Olympique Lyonnais will have the honour of playing two finals on the same day as the men’s team compete in the Coupe de France final against Paris Saint-Germain, while the women’s team will look for a historic ninth Champions League title against FC Barcelona. 

The timing of the two games leaves only a five-hour gap between the two kick-offs meaning that it’ll be a tight (if not near impossible) squeeze for anybody hoping to make the trip from Bilbao to Lille in time to attend both games. 

In this context, Jean-Michel Aulas the former owner and president of Lyon and the current vice-president of the French Football Federation as well as the head of women’s football in France has decided to attend the Coupe de France final. 

Aulas regretfully informed via L’Équipe that he “would really have liked to attend both, but [he] looked and it really wasn’t logistically possible.” As the paper explains, his position as vice president means that he needs to be in attendance alongside the president of the federation Philippe Diallo for the Coupe de France. 

GFFN | Nick Hartland

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