LFP faces new setback in struggle to sell Ligue 1 television rights

The LFP’s efforts to sell the Ligue 1 domestic television rights took another hit this morning after a meeting with British broadcaster DAZN where no new financial proposition was made. 

What was intended to be a meeting to help define both parties’ positions two months after their last communication, ended in what RMC Sport reports to be a near breakdown of negotiations. 

The amounts offered by DAZN are thought to be insufficient to the demands of the LFP which remains nonnegotiable (a total of 900 million euros). The league considers the television rights to be key to their ambitions to catch up with the financial discrepancy between them and the four other top European leagues. 

RMC Sport states that one of the points of contention within the meeting was that DAZN does not have a financial guarantee for the amounts discussed. Something that the LFP is keen to ensure after the embarrassment of the MediaPro collapse. 

When contacted by RMC Sport, DAZN refused to comment on the matter. 

Ligue 1’s beIN Sports option 

This leaves the league in a tricky situation with their only other route being that of international rights partner beIN Sports, who have previously commented that they do not wish to obtain 100% of the television rights for Ligue 1. However, behind the scenes, it is an option that is now reportedly being reluctantly discussed. 

It would be a unique scenario for the league and would mean that Canal+ (the French broadcasters for beIN sports) would once again be in the picture after they refused to be part of the domestic negotiations due to damaged relations with the LFP in recent years

While Amazon wait to see who will become the majority rights owner as their investment looks as if it will only be limited to a single game per week at the cost of between 80 to 100 million euros. 

GFFN | Nick Hartland

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