Marseille general manager Stéphane Tessier to step down

According to La Provence and RMC Sport, Stéphane Tessier will step down from his role as Olympique de Marseille’s general manager at the end of the season. In a move that comes against a backdrop of behind-the-scenes tension with the club president Pablo Longoria. 

Longoria had long been rumoured to be considering his position at the club, with Tessier thought to be well-placed to become the next president of Les Phocéens. However, it is now reported that Longoria has changed his mind, with the Spaniard determined to continue, a decision that is backed by the owner Frank McCourt.

The battle for control of Marseille has been decided

Tessier’s impending resignation is believed to be influenced by a clear sign from the owner that he supports Longoria and backs the president in bringing a new project to the club. This resolution has definitively stopped the battle for control that appeared to be beginning to take shape in the Marseille corridors. 

It is also thought that Tessier’s decision has been partly influenced by family and private obligations that have kept him away from the club for the past few weeks. 

GFFN | Nick Hartland

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