Paul Pogba banned for four years for doping

La Repubblica reports that Paul Pogba (30) has been banned from football for four years after being found guilty of doping. 

Pogba had tested positive for a banned substance after a match between Udinese and Juventus on the 20th of August last year. Pogba was on the bench for Juventus for the entire match and played no part in the game. 

Since then, the player has been provisionally suspended from all football activities as he awaited the outcome of his trial. Pogba was scheduled to appear before the court on the 18th of January, however this was rescheduled to this month

Paul Pogba’s defence rejected by the courts

His defence had earlier refused a plea deal and instead claimed that Pogba had accidentally taken the banned substance. This has been rejected by the court, and the player has now been found guilty of doping. However, Pogba can still appeal this decision.

GFFN | Nick Hartland

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