‘Subject to legal action’: Mohamed Henni could face trial for naming kebab after Kylian Mbappé

Popular French influencer Mohamed Henni is subject to a legal complaint from the legal team of Paris Saint Germain’s Kylian Mbappé (25) after naming one of his kebabs after the superstar, reports RMC Sport. 

Henni, who owns a kebab shop and supports PSG’s bitter rivals Olympique de Marseille, has been given notice by means of a registered letter from Mbappé’s lawyer Delphine Verheyden, and given seven days to rename the popular takeaway dish in order to avoid further recriminations. 

The letter, shared by Henni on his social media, reads as follows: 

“Mr. Henni uses Kylian Mbappé’s name for commercial and promotional ends, without having obtained explicit prior consent”

Henni retorted on social media, claiming to be “stunned” that ” a player of this level has the time to think about me. He is using his time and money to attack me. I am not hurting anyone, I am a humourist. Are you not embarrassed? Launching a legal complaint for absolutely nothing?”

On the menu, the item is described as ” Bakery bread, as round as Mbappé’s head” and Henni is also quick to point out that the PSG star is not the only one mocked at his restaurant, with a savoury pancake “As loaded as Payet” dedicated to the portly former Marseille midfielder who, he claims, has not complained about it because “He is a player with values, Mbappé has completely lost it”.

GFFN | Jack McArdle

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