Thierry Henry: ‘Antoine Griezmann is by far the most underrated player in existence’

Players like Antoine Griezmann (32) can often be forgotten in the recognition for how immensely talented this French national side has been. So much of the praise for Les Bleus falls rightfully on Kylian Mbappé (25) that these other special players can be overshadowed.

For the first time in seven years, France will line up without Griezmann after the forward picked up an ankle injury. It’s an absence that will put an end to a run of 84 consecutive games for the national side. A feat of impressive consistency that has only highlighted what France will miss in their upcoming friendlies against Germany and Chile. 

It feels as if it has taken an absence for some wider recognition of just how remarkable the player has been in helping France reach the heights that they have achieved: winning the World Cup in 2018 and being only a penalty shootout away from winning it again in 2022.

‘Tell me who in history who could play all four offensive positions like Griezmann?’

It’s a point that Thierry Henry has highlighted in an interview with Le Parisien, “We must not forget Griezmann, who reminds us that hard work is a talent.” The France under-23s coach continues, “Griezmann is by far the most underrated player in existence. We often talk about Kylian, so much so that I am even in favour of abusing him. But Griezmann… look at his passes and his goals.” 

Henry finishes his point by highlighting the positional intelligence of the Atlético de Madrid forward, “Tell me who in history could play all four offensive positions like him? There aren’t many… Grizou is one of them!” 

His flexibility and his perseverance have made Griezmann an invaluable asset to the France national side, and it is exactly this skillset that Henry hopes to be able to call upon when the France u-23s play in the Paris Olympics this summer. It’s no secret that Henry wants Griezmann as one of his over-aged players, and the player is likewise keen, the only question is if Atlético will allow it

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